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tantra essence L IVE & online festival

June 19-22 2021

Practical Information

Practical Information


Where is the festival located?

The Tantra Festival is located online, accessible form your wifi connection anywhere in the world.

who is the founder of this festivel?
Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and producer/ director of Tantra online courses.



Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle. It is a path of transformation with roots going back to shamanic traditions and the origins of yoga. It is a path of expansion, embracing all facets of life.

Tantra It is a Sanskrit word which means, to weave, to transform through methods, and to transform poison into nectar. The basic concept of this life approach is that each human being is a reflection of the entire cosmos. By entering inside one’s own subjective being with a witnessing consciousness, all aspects of the body / mind and emotions are revealed in their refined potential. The refined potential of every human being is divine. Therefore, in Tantra, the whole person is accepted as divine. 

How will I access the festival?

We will have a private facebook group in which to gather. The various workshops and gatherings will be over Zoom calls. You will receive direct links to the main groups upon registration. We will post and/or email links to the zoom groups before the event. 

What if I do not have a facebook account?

We appreciate that having a facebook account or not is a personal choice and some are specifically not sharing their information with this comapny. that being said, we are working with maximum ease at a time of challenge and the technology of facebook provides the cimplest way to gathe. if you wih to be part of the festival, but do not have a fb account, we invite you tp create a temporary account for this event only then delete it after. 
We know mist likely you are at home, it might be good to have some things ready in advabce as youe requirements for this journey.



* Refillable water bottle
* Comfortable clothes for dance 
* Earphones for quality as well as the privacy
* Comfortable space to move and dance in
* Your own private altar for prayer ad intention
* A sense of humor, open heart and your curosity






Where can I see the schedule for the festival?

The schedule for the online festival is on the website. 
We will also announce in the Facebook group before each Workshop with zoom link.

Can I take pictures or record the festival offerings?

The use of phones, cameras, and screenshots/screen recordings is strictly forbidden in all workshop areas! And is illegal as well for privacy & copyright reasons.


Are any of the workshops recorded?

Yes, all of the workshops will be recorded and part of the Tantra Library. you will have access to this library and additional content for one month. As part of your ticket price.


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