Festival Performers – Tantra Essence Festival

tantra essence festival

June 20-23, 2021

Festival Performers

“There is nothing closer to meditation than music.”


 Music is the language of the soul. It opens the secret of life and invites us on an exquisite journey through sound & silence into our divine nature.

“Very beautiful and deeply touching"

Eckhart Tolle, on Praful’s music

“Krishna himself is playing through Praful!”

Brandon Bays, Healer, best-selling author


Flute master, sax wizard, composer, producer. He is simply a genius. He can play an entire concert all alone and have people up and dancing, completely intoxicated by his presence and music.


Andre Amiya is a spiritual teacher, personal-growth and life coach, the founder of many self-development programs for women, couples, and individuals as well as the founder of a successful teaching center, a best-selling author and sought-after singer, composer, and producer.

AMIYA is the founder and the leader of a self-development and personal growth center „SoulACTION“ (learn more: www.soulaction.lt/en). During the last 12 years, it has already transformed the lives of hundreds of people. AMIYA is also an author of two best-selling books on self-development and spiritual growth for women and couples.

Modestas Stonkus

Modestas is a life-coach, tantric bodyworker, dance teacher and experienced DJ. He works with somatic techniques for therapy sessions and dance.  Trained and started giving Tantra massages since 2016. Since then he is constantly travelling around the world and studying with the world’s best teachers in dance and Tantra. He strives to create the best quality experiences for his client growth.

Modestas seeks to inspire, empower & assist people in connecting to their true purpose & passion, through dance & bodywork dissolving old patterns and traumas, making space for flowering, growth and positive change to happen.

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