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June 19-22 2021


17th - 23rd June, 2018
Corfu Buddha Hall, Greece

Our world-class team of Tantra Teachers will guide you into exploring your senses, awakening their fullest potential. Musicians and Dance Teachers inspire you to celebrate Life through song and dance. An array of Healers support you on your personal journey into more harmony and happiness. Come for a fun, transformative, sexy, loving and spiritually ecstatic celebration of life. Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.

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Are you dreaming about a Holiday Destination near the sea?

Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, meditation, yoga, live music and meeting juicy, fun people
in this nurturing uplifting Tantra Festival, a true celebration of Life!

We have invited high calibre Tantra Teachers, Musicians, Performers
and Healers for our Tantra Essence Festival. Everyone is bringing in their unique talent and experience to help you open to your fullest potential.

Ma Ananda Sarita

Laurent Lacoste

Laurence Heitzmann







Festival Performers

Music is the language of the soul. It opens the secret of life and invites us on an exquisite journey through sound & silence, and celebrations of our inner divine. We invited amazing musicians and dancers to Tantra Essence Festival, just as Osho said: “There is nothing closer to meditation than music.”

Kareem Raihani

Red Fulka

Let your soul be touched by divine tunes and let the beat make your whole being enter into pure ecstasy. High Vibes and divine melodies Praful and Kareem Raihani and Praful will set your Soul and Feet on Fire!

How much Bliss can you take?
Be a Lover of Life!

Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world
through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.

When our senses are awakened, there is heightened pleasure and joy in every aspect of life.
Each sense is a portal into expanded consciousness.
Experience methods and meditations designed to awaken your senses
and heighten your capacity for ecstatic awareness and sensitivity.

Every sense can function in two ways, one towards the outside, and another towards the inner refinement of that sense. For example, our two eyes see the world around us, and can also be turned towards clairvoyance, or the opening of the third eye. Likewise, we have a ‘third ear’, (clairaudience) an intuitive sense of touch, (clairsentience) and a sense of smell and taste with which we can experience the very essence of life. When all our senses are awakened, we are in harmony with the world within and without.

Do you live your life in a state of
inspiration, bliss and harmony?

In modern life we live in conditions, which don’t allow us to open our full sensorial sensitivity. Many of us live in concrete houses with little nature around us; we are bombarded by different sounds, chemical smells and electromagnetic fields. To cope with this over-stimulus, we learn to dull our senses.

Either our senses are overstimulated like the sense of hearing by sounds or they are undernourished like the sense of touch. We don’t receive enough touch in our life, we don’t see enough beauty and we don’t taste pure, unadulterated delicious food. Living in these unnatural conditions can often lead to depression, not finding direction and purpose or feeling lack of love.

In this modern Society, it's how the majority lives and we haven't learned it in a different way.
But it doesn’t have to be this way!

 Our senses are waiting to be awakened and open a new, positive reality for us!

Awaken Your Senses With Tantra

Imagine being deeply connected with yourself, able to squeeze the nectar out of every experience, whether that be eating, listening to music or touching and being touched. You will discover a connection with everything around you, enjoying each moment to it’s fullest, having a new lease on life.

Join the Tantra Essence Festival
of Tantra, Music and Dance,

from 17th till 23rd of June 2018
in Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Give yourself a gift by booking today for a week of transformation and celebration, body, mind heart and soul! 

This is truly the holiday festival of your dreams!


Arillas, Corfu:
The Most Happening Place to Be

Corfu Buddha Hall where the festival is being held is an exquisite jewel of a venue near the world famous village and beach of Arillas in Corfu, Greece. Arillas is already host to some of the best music festivals in the world so it is truly an auspicious location for the Tantra Essence Festival. The beauty of the beach and peaceful nature in this region is fully rejuvenating. 


A Gathering of Friends

The Tantra Essence Festival is a gathering of friends, those special friends you may already know and also new friends you have not yet met! We are from the one-world one-heart family! Being in this festival is like coming back to your true home, a place you can relax and be yourself in full joy and harmony.

Tantra is a path to Mahamudra that invites us to experience the fullest potential of all that we are through methods of meditation, ritual, devotion, love, pleasure and celebration.  (Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word meaning the great gesture arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe.)  Tantra was developed in India thousands of years ago but this life approach is as relevant today as it was in the past. In fact, Tantra is currently experiencing a world-wide renaissance and our Tantra Teachers are some of the foremost in the world.

Short Groups

During our Tantra Festival, teachers will be offering short experiential groups tapping into the senses, emotions, chakras, loving connections, Kundalini energy and sex to spirit ecstasy. Our teachers offer a very sensitive approach to Tantra, holding a safe and loving space where each person can evolve and expand at their own pace.

Who is This Festival For?

This festival is suitable to newcomers to the world of Tantra as well as for experienced adepts. Each person journeys as deeply as they are capable of in any given moment.


Kinds of Activities Are Being Offered?

In the Tantra Essence Festival, you will be invited into dance, sharing, massage, active and silent meditation, devotional rituals, energy and breath-work, singing, playful activities, evening entertainment, cuddle parties, swimming, sunbathing and feasting!

Food Fest

Yes, that’s right! The worlds best vegan / vegetarian chefs are offering the most delicious food Corfu has to offer. This festival is also a food fest!

Love Notes from 2017 Participants

The Tantra Essence festival in Corfu - the best holidays ever! Meditations, Tantra, dance, healing, massages, connections, relaxation, divine concerts, delicious food, swimming pool in front of meditation hall, magical sunsets, nude beach, loving spiritual community of friends, ecstasy, love and super fun. I felt like in real paradise. I want to live like this... actually.. I do live it. Next year I am coming again! Thank you for this blissful experience to all and each of you guys who were there!
Amrita, Slovakia
Always delighted to support this beautiful flow of healing love-energy with our beloved Sarita and her fabulous team. The TEF 2017 was a wonderful festival for me. Amazing workshops with Sarita, Deva Presence, and others. A magical Summer Solstice Ceremony with the legendary musician Praful Mystik. Delicious local food prepared by the team of chefs. A beautiful pool to enjoy at lunchtime. And a wonderful beach with mud-bath for us to enjoy later in the afternoon. And most of all, a magical group of beautiful souls to share with.... With deep gratitude to our beloved Prem Tanmaya and Ranjana for creating this space.... I loved 2017 and am really looking forward to 2018. Don't wait too long. Buy the early bird tickets now. Book your places!
Mark, UK
The Tantra Essence Festival in Corfu is the place, where any person can find connection with their own spirit. It has been a happening full of harmony wher a very meditative space was created. Music, dance and singing with amazing artists as Praful, Shivananda, Tarisha and Deva made the festival very celebrative. All the teachers lead us in practices and processes, which playfully brought me into a deep awakening of Self. Love, self recognition and healing is what I felt during the festival and for a long period after. Thank you all for Love, Joy and simply good feeling!


Festival Schedule

* schedule content is subject to changes


Get the Early Bird & SPECIAL Prices


How to travel to Arillas, Corfu?

We recommend you purchase your flights early. There are frequent and often low budget connections from many national and international destinations. Several low-cost carriers fly from and to most European destinations on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Some of these airlines are RyanAir, EasyJet, WizzAir, Tui, Vueling and more. Flights from Athens arrive daily on carriers such as Aegean and Olympic Air.

There are several ferries, which arrive daily from mainland Greece and from several ports in Italy. Most come directly to Corfu, but some stop in nearby Igoumenitsa which has hourly connections to Corfu. Carriers include Minoan Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Superfast Ferries and Anek.

How to reach Arillas from Corfu Town?  From Corfu Town to Arillas the distance if 45 km and about 1-hour drive by car, shuttle, bus or taxi.


By Taxi

Taxis are the most common and easy way to get to Arillas. 

By Bus

Shuttle buses from/to Arillas are also available on days when many low-cost carriers arrive and depart. The main service is Arillas Travel. To find out whether you can book the shuttle bus on your date of arrival/departure, simply send an email to arillast@otenet.gr with your precise arrival/departure time, flight number, the number of people, and where you want to be dropped off.

By Car
You can rent a car (about 250.00€ a week) and have it delivered to you at the airport. There are the common companies Six, Hertz and others. The drive from the Airport to Arillas takes about an hour.


The accommodation is included in your Festival Ticket.

You have the option of Single, Double and Triple Rooms. All rooms are in the town of Arillas, within walking distance to the Beach. The three options of accommodations, which are included in the festival package, are Giannis, Georges, and Bardis. You can let us know your preference upon booking and we will consider your preference if availability is given.

Beds can be double or twin in the double rooms. All rooms have an attached bathroom and balcony.

Food and meals 

The festival price includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. All meals are high quality fresh, organic vegetarian/vegan.

Please inform us in advance regarding gluten intolerance.

How to reach the Corfu Buddha Hall from Arillas town? 

The festival venue Corfu Buddha Hall is located about 3 km outside Arillas Town.

There will be a free shuttle service several times a day connecting Corfu Buddha hall and Arillas. We will send you the schedule once the festival comes closer.

Scooter Rental

In order to have maximum flexibility and freedom, you can rent a scooter or car. http://www.olgastravel.net   https://rentalcarscorfu.com


ATM and cash withdrawal?

There are 2 ATMs in Arillas and one in Agios Stefanos. The machines can be out of cash occasionally and the nearest bank is 15 km away. We highly recommend bringing cash in Euros.

How is the weather in Corfu?

In June the average temperature is 24 Celsius with the highest average up to 29 Celsius and the lowest average around 18 Celsius. And there is a high chance of sunshine with occasional rain. We recommend packing for summer – a with light comfortable clothes as well as some warm clothes for the cooler nights. There are also some wonderful clothes shops in Arillas village. Please also bring a Sarong and bathing suit.

For reliable local weather information, please see www.arillas.com/weather-forecast www.corfu-info.com/main/arillas-webcam.html



New Year Special Price bookable from 1-17th January
Festival and accommodation in a Double Room 650 EUR
Early Bird Price bookable from 17th January -15th of April
Festival and accommodation in a Triple Room 650 EUR
Festival and accommodation in a Double Room 750EUR
Festival and accommodation in a Single Room 850 EUR
Regular Price after 15th of April
Festival and accommodation in a Triple Room 690 EUR
Festival and accommodation in a Double Room 790EUR
Festival and accommodation in a Single Room 900 EUR
The remaining amount of festival fee after the initial deposit
(Exception is the New Years Special Price) has to be paid upon registration.

We ask you to make your payment in CASH ONLY

Start /Registration

The festival starts on the 17th of June 2018 with the Festival Registration at 5pm
Dinner will be served from 6pm-8:30pm.
End of the Festival
The festival ends after Lunch on the 23rd of June 2018.

Beach time

We have scheduled beach time daily!

Arillas boasts a clean lovely sand and pebble beach with crystal clear, pleasant water. You can either visit the regular beach or stroll a little bit further to the nude beach, where you can also find amazing natural healing clay.

Besides the regular Workshops held by our international team of Tantra teachers, you have the chance to book one to one sessions with our amazing session givers and healers. There are sessions offered varying from Bodywork, massage, counseling, therapy, sexual healing, nutrition and many more. Please check our healers’ page for more details Prices for the 1,5-hour sessions vary from 60-200 Euros.
Concerts and Performances

The festival fee includes the entry to the daily evening events with wonderful artists, such as flute virtuoso Praful, Ecstatic Dance God Kareem Raihani and others.

For all other questions please send us an email to info@tantraessencefestival.com


Get regular updates about the festival!

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