ESOTERIC TANTRA – Tantra Essence Festival

tantra essence L IVE & online festival

June 19-22 2021


“All that is valuable is esoteric. Ecstasy cannot be pragmatic. Love cannot be pragmatic. Trust cannot be pragmatic. The word esoteric simply means it is not objective, not scientific. It is something inner, something subjective, something so mysterious, so miraculous that you can experience it but you cannot explain it. You can have it, but still you cannot explain it. It remains beyond explanation. It is good that there is something in life which we cannot bring down to language, which we cannot bring down to the objective world, something which remains always beyond. We can become one with it.”

- Osho

Tantra is a path to enlightenment using methods of meditation, rituals, mantra and mudra. All the senses are utilized in Tantra Meditation which means that pleasure can also be used as a portal into awakened consciousness. 

The essential components of Tantra are the entwined qualities of Love and Meditation.

Love represents the feminine path while Meditation represents the masculine path.

Esoteric Tantra includes:

The art of Mudra

Positions of the hands and fingers which help us align to particular aspects of universal consciousness.

The art of Mantra

Sacred sounds, which bring alignment with particular siddhis (powers).

The art of Ritual

Creating a space where the divine can descend, through Sacred Geometry, Yantra and Mantra.


Utilizing a witnessing consciousness to embark on a journey exploring the 5 senses, all emotional states, subtle energy, chakras, kundalini, the elements, imagination, intuition, creativity, the power of thought, no mind, transcendental states of consciousness, love, devotion, sex, birth and death.

In esoteric Tantra, we open up kundalini energy and travel the path from earth to sky, sex to spirit. But this is not the whole journey. Once we have accessed spirit, it is important to then invite spirit in and through the body as a descent of grace, anchoring spirit on this earth.

Our primary lesson on this planet as human beings, is to learn how to be ‘spirit embodied.’ The light of the spirit, brought into our physical density, transforms this density, this physical form, into a luminous transmission of universal consciousness. We become a gift to this planet simply by breathing, by being. As Zen Master Hakuin said: “This very body the Buddha, this very place, the lotus paradise.”

Like rain to thirsty earth, the Tantra vision nourishes the wholeness of life, embracing human nature as a magnificent expression of universal energy. It offers an intelligent way for us to move forward into the new dawn of human consciousness.

We can never understand Tantra unless we practice Tantra methods. And once we taste the sublime ecstasy which is our birth-right, there is no going back. Tantra becomes our way of life.

Each cell of our body contains the whole universe. The microcosm contains the macrocosm. Sex and Samadhi are one. Male and female are complementary aspects of one whole, as is day and night, in-breath out-breath, birth and death, and all other contradictory elements that make up our dual world.

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