Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita is the founder of Tantra Essence, devotee of Osho and world-renowned Tantra Teacher and author. She has been the teacher of many bright stars in the world of Tantra and some of her Kaula Team will be joining us at the Tantra Essence Festival.

She is friends with many diverse Tantra Teachers from around the world, and some of these friends will also be coming to teach at the Tantra Essence Festival. Sarita is a lover of music and dance and invites very high calibre musicians to the festival. Let yourself be swept away into a world of magical days and nights as you enjoy the very best a Tantra Festival can offer.


Astiko has been sharing ‘Sat Chit Anand’ (truth, consciousness and bliss) as a Tantra master since 1993, mainly in Spain but also in India, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, and other countries. As well as teaching Tantra, she also teaches Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Breath-work and Emotional and Sexual Awareness Groups. Her purpose is to bring meditation to all areas of human experience in everyday life. She says: “A relaxed presence in every moment opens the heart and expands your conciousness to who you truly are!” Her work is dedicated to Osho whose presence and vision has initiated and guided her to realisation of truth in the body. Papaji, Barry Long and Diana Richardson along with many others have also been masters and inspirations on her path.

Laurent Lacoste

Having previously worked in the corporate world, Laurent discovered Tantra as his life path and gave up his lucrative career to dive fully into Tantra studies. He immersed himself in Tantra for about 15 years with various Teachers around the world. He is a Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and belongs to the Skydancing LET’s (Love and Ecstasy Training) team of Teachers. He is in charge, together with his partner Laurence, of supervising Sky Dancing Tantra International, on behalf of it’s founder, Margot Anand.
Laurent is also an Ayurveda practitioner in Paris. Studying Ayurveda has enabled him to enlarge his perceptions of Tantra and opened doors to new understandings. He receives individuals in Paris for personal coaching using the tools offered by Tantra. Laurent says: “Through awareness, one can embrace all facets of life so to learn and to realize oneself, to create a state of silent joy which is the state of accepting what is.”

Laurence Heitzmann

Laurence is a mind-body therapist and a workshop leader. She is a member of the French Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (SFABE), whose teachings are based on the work of W. Reich and A. Lowen. She is a Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher (level 2) and belongs to the Skydancing LET’s (Love and Ecstasy Training) team of Teachers . She is in charge, together with her partner Laurent, of supervising SkyDancing Tantra International on behalf of the founder, Margot Anand. Her “golden thread” is anything that makes her feel physically, emotionally and energetically vibrant and, therefore, more alive. This is how her path led her to SkyDancing Tantra, an approach that invites participants to spiritual awakening through the intermediary of a conscious body. Based in Lyon (France), she offers psychotherapy sessions to individuals and couples. Laurence also leads Tantra seminars and workshops for singles and couples during which she likes to create an atmosphere of depth and trust conducive to the expansion of consciousness and transformation.

Vimal & Praful

Vimal Gabrielsen (NO) was born with the ability to transmit divine love, wisdom and healing energies to herself and others. But only in her 30ies, she started to discover, trust and expand this divine gift. She was also trained by Dr. Eric Pearl in Levels 1, 2, 3 of Reconnective Healing. Vimal is a mother and works as a healer, graphic designer and (co-)organizes spiritual gatherings. 

Praful (DE/NL) is a master sax & flute player, singer, producer, charismatic performer and pioneer in the world music community. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion. Praful creates a space in which the music’s healing powers can transform the listener and connect you with the source. He is world renowned for his 10 solo albums and worked/performed with Deva Premal & Miten, Eckhart Tolle, Peruquois, Carlos Nakai, Dave Koz and many more. 



Swami Anahata is Lead Faculty in Tantra Essence and is founder of Tantra Earth. He is a gifted, intuitive, passionate teacher of Tantra with a magnetic presence. He designs and delivers programs that guide people towards discovering and living their fullest potential. He has dedicated the past 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices. Anahata’s  work fuses practical learning with spiritual practice and is firmly grounded in the teachings of Osho.


Ashik offers unity in through his teachings on Sacred Sexuality. His meditation practice focuses on the body, as the body reveals the holiness of everything. He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics to Sufism.
Ashik is a Sannyasin deeply touched by Osho’s Active Meditations and Tantra practice. He is a Certified therapist in Tantra, Yoga, Learning Love and Breathwork.
Ashik loves to learn and to teach, and above all to experience. He leads Tantra trainings and seminars around the world. He believes that the great shift is to stop trying to change and accept what is, in sync with Mother Earth and a Heart centred understanding of life. He is the founder of Awakeland Retreat Centre in Portugal, which hosts groups, trainings and festivals dedicated to gratitude and celebration of life.


Since an early age, Ranjana experienced a profound quest for meditation; in her adolescence, she learned from Osho, the Indian contemporary Master. Since then, she lives and shares Osho’s Vision through Active Meditations and meditative-therapy processes. Ranjana is co-creator of the Shamanic Woman Project in The UK and Director of Osho Centro Activo in Santiago, Chile.

She has travelled around the world, enriching her life experience through various cultures. Having been trained in Neo-Shamanism, Family Constellations, Trauma Healing, Breathwork and in Tantra Essence with Sarita since 2011, Ranjana created ‘Tantra Tribal’ which joins Tantra with nature, elements and cosmic principles aligned with indigenous wisdom. She has been sharing her work for 18 years, mainly in The Americas, England, Spain, France and India.


Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Certified Sexuality Educator, and Doctor, hailing from the USA. As Teaching Faculty on Ma Ananda Sarita’s Tantra Essence team, he teaches and provides healing sessions internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA. Dharmaraj’s deep spiritual pursuits took him around the world to India, Thailand, China, Greece, Peru, and other lands, to absorb the transmissions from the authentic sources of Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, and the ancient Mystery Schools. He has a deep passion for sacred sexual healing and holistic healing, cherishing his one-on-one offerings just as much as his group offerings. Dharmaraj is also the worldwide manager for the Affiliate program of, offering Tantra Tachyon pleasure products for expanding consciousness, healing, and awakening.


Tanmaya’s way of teaching an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities. She studied extensively with Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita for several years and is Lead Faculty in Tantra Essence, teaching in both India and Europe. Her light and playful approach to teaching is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and personal development. With her deep passion for Tantra she invites her students to let go and experience the magic that can happen when we embrace who we are meant to be and open up to meditation and healing. Currently she offers the Sex to Superconsciousness Training, Sensual Awakening Retreats, Empowered Woman groups and Empowered Woman Teacher Training, Soulmate Training and Tantra Dance events.


Jonathan is a passionate teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation and a Skilled Body Worker. His workshops draw both from ancient tantric practices and modern tools of introspection and also integrate Tantra with Tango

Agapi Apostolopoulou

One of her passions in this life is her ability to access the Akashic Records and use them as a tool of self-knowing and the last 10 years as a Reader for others. She is the creator of Love-me Reiki, a method of self-development that combines energy healing, awakening of the sexuality, healing of inner child and liberation from the conditionings of the society. Her projects are focused on healing feminine and masculine polarities, opening the heart and embracing the matrilineal way of being. She gives a variety of workshops, in different places of the world, blending most of the times the secrets of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality, and even though she has a brief skeleton on how they have to be, she always channels the content of the workshops and flows with the Divine Will at that current moment.

Facilitator Team 2018
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