Tantra Essence Festival – Corfu Greece – Five Elements of Bliss

June 16th-22nd 2019,
Corfu - Greece

Tantra is the finest wine, the most sublime elixir, transforming us into divine drunkards who are high on life. In Tantra, we are invited to experience the fullest potential of all that we are through methods of meditation, ritual, devotion, love, pleasure and celebration.

The recipe is very simple; through weaving together meditation and love, we access our own inner pharmacy of feel good hormones. We create a milieu within and without, whereby our own innate wisdom begins functioning for the highest good of ourselves and the entire planetary consciousness.

The old idea of holidays near the beach, where we bake in the sun and read a trashy book followed by drunken nights out, is out of date. Discerning people all over the world are now taking 
Personal Development Holidays, where you combine the beauty of nature with an inner journey.

The Tantra Essence Festival is an invitation to come back home, to yourself, to nature and to love. It is a gathering of friends, some of whom you may have met before, and some who you will be meeting for the first time. You may have been to beautiful beaches in the past, but the beach of Arillas, Corfu carries a special magic.

Many of the people who come to this beach are into personal development and so you are likely to meet many gorgeous and radiant beings on your way to the beach or at the beach. The water is crystal clear and a true rejuvenation body and soul happens each time you take a dip in this sublime sea.

The question is, how much love and celebration can you take?
Are you ready to open up your potential for inner ecstasy and enlightenment?
If so, the Tantra Essence Festival is for you!

Five Elements of Bliss

In Sanskrit the five elements are known as Tattvas and are also related to the senses and to the chakras. When we explore each element of outer nature with awareness, simultaneously we turn this exploration within, to our inner nature. The resplendent and peaceful nature in Arillas, Corfu (the place where our festival is being held) supports us to take this inner journey through the elements in the best possible way.

Earth Day

(1st chakra qualities)

The sense is smell. We celebrate this tattva through the amazing beneficial clay at the beach, which we can use to create a healing masque and apply this all over our body. Let yourself discover your instinctual nature awakening into heightened states of bliss.

Water Day

(2nd chakra qualities)
The sense is taste. We celebrate this tattva with a special ritual in the divinely rejuvenating sea and enjoying the delicious feast prepared for us at Corfu Buddha Hall.

Fire Day

(third chakra qualities)

The sense is sight. We celebrate this tattva with sunbathing or witnessing the miraculous sunset over the sea or gazing into the beautiful eyes of another.

Air Day

(4th chakra qualities)

The sense is touch. We celebrate this tattva through nurturing massage and circular breathing meditation.

Ether Day

(5th chakra qualities)

The sense is sound. We celebrate this tattva with an amazing Summer Solstice Concert.

As we work with the outer elements of nature we are greatly supported in exploring these same elements in our inner being. When we awaken the 5 elements within, we discover life as a full rainbow of experiences and delights. Our true nature has space to expand and we remember and reconnect with the essence of bliss.

A Gathering of Friends

The Tantra Essence Festival is a gathering of friends, those special friends you may already know and also new friends you have not yet met! We are from the one-world one-heart family! Being in this festival is like coming back to your true home, a place you can relax and be yourself in full joy and harmony.

Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Corfu Buddha Hall where the festival is being held is an exquisite jewel of a venue near the world-famous village and beach of Arillas in Corfu, Greece. The Most Happening Place to Be, Arillas is already host to some of the best music festivals in the world so it is truly an auspicious location for the Tantra Essence Festival. The beauty of the beach and peaceful nature in this region is fully rejuvenating.

The Buffet, A Feast for Body and Senses

A festival is not really festive if it does not include high quality food. When festival participants see the amazingly diverse and colourful daily feast prepared by the Corfu Buddha Hall Team, they literally gasp in astonished joy and pleasure. Just to look at the buffet is already a gift for the senses, and when we eat it, we can literally taste the love and dedication which was poured into the food preparation.

Rejuvenation, Body and Soul

The Tantra Essence Festival is a privilege, a gift you can give to yourself or to a friend, a time and space to unwind, pamper yourself and explore the best life has to offer. Through this we experience powerful rejuvenation, body, mind and soul. It is an experience of divine community, a return to the garden, a meeting place of friends, a celebration for lovers of life.

High calibre Tantra Teachers, Musicians, Performers and Healers
invited to our Tantra Essence Festival, bringing their unique talent and experience to help you open to your fullest potential.

Our Teachers

The crème de la crème in the ecstatic world of Tantra

During the Tantra Essence Festival, world class Teachers will be offering short experiential groups, tapping into the five elements. Our teachers offer a very sensitive approach to Tantra, holding a safe and loving space where each person can evolve and expand at their own pace. You will be able to choose in any given moment which teacher you would like to work with or which group you would like to participate in. Just follow your heart and trust your instincts and you will find the best direction opening up for you!

Our Musicians & Performers

In Tantra, breath, movement and sound help us to unlock stagnation and open up to ecstatic, fluid lifeforce energy. Through the daily Tantra workshops, we discover new capacities in ourselves for joy and pleasure.

Our Healing Team

Our healers offer a phenomenal diversity of techniques, so that there is something for everyone. Whether you wish for Human Design, Holistic Massage, Lomi Lomi, Tantra Massage, Family Constellation or Tachyon Healing, we have a selection of renowned healers to support you in your personal process. You can book individual sessions of 1 or two hours duration.

Helpers and Assistants

All experienced Tantriks who have all gone through the Tantra Teacher Training with Sarita, they know the ins and outs of maintaining the sacred space of our seminar rooms and providing what is needed throughout each day of the festival. We are blessed to have such dedicated and devoted team in service of creating a wonderful heart filled experience for all of us.

Our festival is a rich and diverse experiential journey which includes Meditation, Yoga, Group Sharing, Short Tantra Seminars, Live Music, Ecstatic Dance, Healing Sessions, Sun, Sea and amazingly delicious Food!

Who Is This Festival For?

This festival is suitable to newcomers to the world of Tantra as well as for experienced adepts. Each person journeys as deeply as they are capable of in any given moment.

What Kinds of Activities are Being Offered?

In the Tantra Essence Festival, you will be invited into Dance, Pod and Group Sharing, Massage, active and silent Meditation, devotional Rituals, Energy and Breath-work, Emotional Fluidity, Partner Exercises, Singing, Playful Activities, Sacred Theatre, Evening Entertainment, Cuddling, Swimming, Sunbathing and Feasting!

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