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Tantra essence festival schedule



The full festival price is divided in a fee for the workshops which varies between 210 and 270 Euros depending on the time of booking And the entry fee for the venue Corfu Buddha Hall which is 252 Euros including free shuttle service, high quality organic vegetarian/vegan Breakfast and Lunch and the access to the amazing venue including a lovely poolside.



The festival starts on the 17th of June between 15h-20:30h with registration.
We ask you to make your payment in CASH ONLY
Remaining amount of festival fee after the initial deposit
252 Euros for the Corfu Buddha Hall fee

Tantra-Yoga Flow with Caroline

In the first phase of this class, we stimulate the body through a creative activating Vinyasa sequence in order to awaken the body and stimulate the prana (lifeforce energy) to flow.

In the second phase, we explore static postures in order to cultivate and direct the energy flow ( prana or spiritual energy) to certain areas of the body.

This System includes yogic tools such as asana, bandhas, mudra, pranayama, mantra, meditation, laya yoga and other components.

The practice is directed toward the attainment of the ‘promise of yoga’ to live free and empowered in order to experience the realization of the purpose of life.

Yin Yoga

Is an introspective practice that invites meditation, self-awareness, calmness and relaxation.

The postures are held for long periods, removing tension in the connective tissues, stimulating the nadis ( meridians) and releasing emotions.

It is an excellent practice for those feeling tired, stressed or over stimulated ‘Yin Yoga’ invites you to drop into the bliss of surrender and relaxation.

Beach time

We have scheduled beach time daily between 17-20:30
Arillas boasts a clean lovely sand and pebble beach with crystal clear, pleasant water. You can either visit the regular beach or stroll a little bit to the nude beach, where you can also find amazing healing clay.


Besides the regular Workshops held by our international team of tantra teachers you have the chance to book one to one sessions with our amazing session givers and healers. There are sessions offered varying from Bodywork, massage, counseling, therapy, sexual healing, nutrition and many more.
Please check our healers page for more details
Prices for the 1,5 hour sessions vary from 60-150 Euros.

Concerts and Performances

the festival fee includes the entry to the daily evening events, where are amazing artists are going to perform. Such as flute virtuoso Praful, multi talented Tarisha and the joker Shivananda.

For all other questions please send an email Send Mail

It is our joy to invite you to take part in this wonderful festival with plenty of love and talents.