For the accommodation agency in Corfu, please check this link:

Choose An Amount to Pay


How can I arrange my accommodation?

Our Gatherings are in the beginning of the holiday season so we recommend you book your accommodation as early as possible. There are plenty of accommodation options in the village of Arillas from €25 and up per night. Please contact the accommodation experts at Green Corfu for assistance: Just tell the staff that you are attending the Tantra Essence Festival at Corfu Buddha Hall and they will help you find a nice room near to the venue.

Food and meals

In the Corfu Buddha Hall of 252 Euros (which you pay to the venue at registration ) 2 high quality organic vegetarian/vegan meals are included

Which are Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner has to be arranged by yourself there are various good options in town.

How to reach the Corfu Buddha Hall from Arillas town?

The venue Corfu Buddha Hall is located about 3 kms outside Arillas Town.


There will be a free shuttle service several times a day connecting Corfu Buddha hall and Arillas. We will send you the schedule once the festival comes closer.

Scooter Rental

You can rent out a scooter or car, which gives you lots of flexibility

ATM and cash withdrawal?

There are 2 ATMs in Arillas and one in Agios Stefanos. The machines can be out of cash occasionally and the nearest bank is 15 km away. We highly recommend to bring cash in Euros.

How is the weather in Corfu?

In June the average temperature is 24Celsius with the highest average up to 29 Celsius and the lowest average around 18 Celsius and there is a high chance of Sunshine just occasionally rain. We recommend packing for Summer - a lot of light comfortable clothes as well as some warm clothes for the cooler nights.

For a reliable local weather information, please see

Booking Details

It is our joy to welcome you at The First Tantra Essence Festival in Corfu Buddha Hall. This wonderful Venue is completely for ourselves, we are creating a Zorba and Buddha field with plenty of love and celebration…One world one heart

Prices below are per person:

Special price for Sarita's Birthday - EU210 from 28th April to 30th April

Festival Package EU490 ( 238 tuition plus 252 food and venue, no accommodation)

238 Euros which include tuition, workshops, events, meditations, parties, and more. Make your reservation paying 100 Euros by pay pal or with a TEF affiliator.

252 Euros which gives entry to an amazing venue with 2 gourmet bio meals, free drinking water, an amazing swimming pool etc including shuttle service. No accommodation.

This amount is paying by cash on arrival day at CBH.

100 Euros deposit is non-refundable.

Any remaining Festival fee will be paid on arrival at the reception only in cash.

It is our joy to invite you to take part in this wonderful festival with plenty of love and talents.