17—23 JUNE 2017

Join our world-class team of Tantra Teachers, Musicians, Dancers and Healers for a fun, transformative, sexy, loving and spiritually ecstatic celebration of life.

Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.

A Gathering of Friends

The Tantra Essence Festival is a gathering of friends, those special friends you may already know and also new friends you have not yet met! We are from the one-world one-heart family! Being in this festival is like coming back to your true home, a place you can relax and be yourself in full joy and harmony.


Teachers from all around the world will bring their spirit, presence, joy, love and wisdom into this festival. During the workshops, you get to experience their unique flavor of Tantra. Coming from various streams of Tantra they are all sharing the true passion for the path of Tantra and living the bliss of a tantric lifestyle.

You can experience deep love, transformation, and healing as well as a deep relaxation during this festival.

Some of the Highlights are Sarita, Niraj, Anahata and Sarani

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We are so happy to have an array of world class musicians as part of our festival.

With their unique and awesome talents, they will make our hearts and being celebrate, dance into ecstasy and let go into deep silence through music.

Just as Osho puts it: “There is nothing closer to meditation than music.” Along with concerts, we will have regular Biodanza classes as well as amazing dance performances some with a beautiful interactive twist.

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During our Tantra Festival, teachers will be offering short experiential groups tapping into the senses, emotions, chakras, loving connections, Kundalini energy and sex to spirit ecstasy.

Our teachers offer a very sensitive approach to Tantra, holding a safe and loving space where each person can evolve and expand at their own pace

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Tantra is a path to Mahamudra that invites us to experience the fullest potential of all that we are through methods of meditation, ritual, devotion, love, pleasure and celebration. (Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word meaning the great gesture arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe.) Tantra was developed in India thousands of years ago but this life approach is as relevant today as it was in the past. In fact, Tantra is currently experiencing a world-wide renaissance and our Tantra Teachers are some of the foremost in the world.

Who is This Festival For ?

This festival is suitable to newcomers to the world of Tantra as well as for experienced adepts. Each person journeys as deeply as they are capable of in any given moment.

What Kinds of Activities Are Being Offered ?

In the Tantra Essence Festival, you will be invited into dance, sharing, massage, active and silent meditation, devotional rituals, energy and breath-work, singing, playful activities, evening entertainment, cuddle parties, swimming, sunbathing and feasting!

It is our joy to invite you to take part in this wonderful festival with plenty of love and talents.